Need Help! Print odd and even numbers

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My program sorts numbers inputed by users and print them. But I also want it to print only odd and only evens. Any help is appreciated


arrayInt DWORD 10 dup(0)
sentence BYTE "Please input a three digit integer: "

main PROC

mov esi, 0
mov ecx, LENGTHOF sentence

mov al, sentence[esi]
call WriteChar
inc esi
Loop L1

;Filling array
mov ecx , LENGTHOF arrayInt
mov esi, 0

call ReadInt
mov arrayInt[esi], eax
add esi, 4
Loop L2

;Sorting array
mov edx, 0 ; bubble flag
mov ecx, LENGTHOF arrayInt
dec ecx
mov esi, 0 ; first elemennt
mov eax, arrayInt[esi]
cmp eax, arrayInt[esi+4]
jle OutLoop

; If first element grater then second switch their places
mov ebx, arrayInt[esi+4]
mov arrayInt[esi], ebx
mov arrayInt[esi+4], eax
mov edx, 1 ; set bubble flag
add esi, 4
Loop InnerLoop
cmp edx, 1
je L3

; Printing array
mov ecx, LENGTHOF arrayInt
mov esi, OFFSET arrayInt
mov eax, [esi]
add esi, 4

call WriteInt
call CrLf
Loop L4

main ENDP
END main

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