The Greatest MMO EVER!!

Ok I'm joe blow smoe who happens to be sitting on the next generation MMO. I sat down and had a long chat with the VP of Cyan worlds...even made him sign a non-dislosure....problem is Cyan lost their but trying to turn myst into a MMO. He likes my Idea but doesn't want to try and break into mmo's again at this time...I'm now working with Art & Logic out of Glendale CA, They love the idea to!...But they need about 185,000 to get started.....So let us just assume I've got the GReatest MMO game Concept ever!!..just assume..Who in the world can I pitch it to that might have the vagest Idea on the type of revenue an MMO brings in and would be willing to invest in such and idea...If it was the Greatest MMO ever made..???? I've talked to angel investors...and investment firms ...but none are real comfrtable with the whole ..."GAME"...thing....


  • So let us just assume you've got the greatest MMO game concept ever... ;)

    Why not try to sell your idea to Blizzard? They are open for good ideas, and they are the best to market it. Of course, you would end up having Blizzard use your concept for their game, and maybe this is not what you want. On the other hand, consider them a competitor with your own game - maybe this is neither what you want. Think about getting an employment there.

    Cheers, Douba.
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