Accessing Media Player Interfaces

I am writing my code for my own modified version of the Windows Media Center 2005. To add some additional functionality to my video playback I need to gain access to some of the Video control interfaces. It can reach them by using Wmplib.IVideoCtrl interface, however I am unable to set a reference to this interface from my player. I.e.

Dim player as new Wmplib.IWMPplayer4
Dim vidct as wmplib.IVideoCtrl (excuse typeos)

How do I do the following

vidct = player.?

I have not found any function/sub etc. that is a member of WmpLib.IVideoCtrl for me to refernce player to vidct? I think this is a question that alot of people are curious about since it applies to many interfaces such IEffects, IVisualizations etc. If anyone has any advise, please help out.

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