File Processing

I have to have three files
a. Masterfile - contains customer name, Acct number and balance
b. Transaction file -processes monetary transactions made by a client
c. PrintInvoice file - this file takes the transactions made by a single client and output them under the clients name and Acct Number

I have processed the Masterfile and the Transaction file however I am having problems with the Print invoice file. Apparently when I run the program it just output data from the transaction file for the first client in the master file. My code for the Print Invoice file is below


int main ()

int t_account_no, m_account_no, t_TransacCode;
char t_PayType, m_FName[30], m_LName[30], t_ItemOrder[30];
double t_amount, m_balance, new_balance=0.00;

fstream master("a:master.txt", ios::in);//opens master file for reading
fstream transac("a:Transac.txt", ios::in);//opens transaction file for reading

while (!transac.eof()) {

{ cout<<m_account_no<<' '<<m_FName<<' '
<<m_LName<<' '<<m_balance<<endl; while transac>>t_account_no>>t_PayType>>t_TransacCode
if(m_account_no == t_account_no)
cout<<t_PayType<<' '<<t_TransacCode<<' '
<<t_ItemOrder<<' '<<t_amount<<endl;

return 0;
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