regarding processing


I have a cgi script that pulls together small .html components and loads

them together to create a full html page.

My problem is, that with this, it does not process the SSI calls.

i was told that in the perl prog where it opens the text file I could make

a while statement that finds
a subroutine that processes it..

below is the part of the script which opens the config file and reads which

compontents it has to use, then opens them.

Could someone assist me by telling me what I should add in and where,

and also assist me by creating the subroutine?

Many Thanks in advance.


ICQ: 2328944

By the way, this script is a customise your login page script, allowing users

to choose what they want on their front page, if anyone wants it.. contact


unless (open (INVOER, "$path/configurable.cfg")) {

print "unable to open $path/configurable.cfg";



@instelbaar = ;

close INVOER;

foreach $regel (@instelbaar) {

if ($regel !~ /^#/) {

if ($regel =~ /^cat/i) {

($catnummer, $catwaarde, $catomschrijving) = split (/ --> /, $regel);

$opensnip = "$path/$catwaarde";

open (INVOER1, $opensnip);

while (<>) {

if (//) {

subIncludeFile($1); } else {print "$_


@snip = ;

close INVOER1;

foreach $regel1 (@snip) {






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