need help with this check book program

i need something that lets u able to write a check, make sure its cleared or not(boolean?), have the account(s) have a number, keep track of withdrawls, deposits, including when they happened, where it happened, how much it was, how much u have left in the account and if it cleared. I need to use this with VB also which is just wow. Still confused on store procedures and what if i need to make linking tables. Cuz i need to see something like on a bank website, date, description, amount,cleared or not, the check number,and how much is left in the account im so lost i've tried reading and thats just not helping. umm this is the code i've kinda gotta off with its prolly wrong

use master

drop database checkbook

create database checkbook

use checkbook

create table CreateAccount(
CAID int Primary Key Identity(1,1),
CAName varchar(20) not null,
CAPass varchar(20) not null
insert into CreateAccount values('Brian','goober');

create table AccountInfo(
--AID int Primary Key Identity(1,1),
AFName varchar(20) not null,
ALName char(20) not null,
APhone char(7) not null check (APhone like '[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]' or APhone like ' '),
AAddress varchar(20) not null,
Amoney decimal(12,2) not null
insert into AccountInfo values('brian','poof','5431234','snowshoe',100);
insert into AccountInfo values ('chris','deaf','1234123','hamilton',-50);

create table Trans(

Tdate datetime not null,
Tdesc varchar(20) not null,
Tcash decimal(12,2),
Tdep decimal(12,2),
--Tclear boolean?
insert into Trans values('2/20/2005','Carpayment',-50,0);
insert into Trans values('2/20/2005','Paycheck',0,100);

create table Saving(

SFName varchar(20) not null,
SLName varchar(20) not null,
SPhone char(7) not null check (SPhone like '[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]' or SPhone like ' '),
SAddress varchar(20) not null,
Smoney decimal(12,2) not null

insert into saving values('brian','poof','6980654','crom',200);
insert into saving values('dave','chris','6546547','shangful',100);

create table WriteCheck(
WCAmount decimal(12,2) not null,
WCCash varchar(40) not null,
WCFName varchar(20) not null,
WCLname varchar(20) not null

insert into WriteCheck values (100.12,'one hundred dollars and twelve cents','Brian','raffle');

--create table Transfer(

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