Need Help on Multithreading, Pay $30

Specification:(see detail from )
We need a multi-threading windows application, the requirements are listed as follows:
1. Give the interface to allow user to set how many threads should be created;
2. Each thread creates one instance of the class TestWebServer, then calls its Initialize() method to initialize the class and waiting for the command from the main thread;
3. There is one button on the window form, when user clicks this button, all threads should call the method Start() in their TestWebServer class simultaneously.
4. After all thread finish the call to the method Start(), the windows form should list out the running time of the method Start() for each thread in a textbox.
5. No any other component used in the program except Visual Studio 2003;
6. All code should be in Visual Basic.NET
7. The program should Work reliably under Windows 2003 and Windows XP
8. The Class TestWebServer is shown below

Public Class TestWebServer
Private x as string
Private y as Integer

Public Sub Initialize(ByVal p1 As String, ByVal p2 As Integer)
'Used to initialize the class for the method Start()

End Sub

Public Sub Start(ByVal p3 As String, ByRef p4 As String)
'Call the web service on remote server in real situation
dim I as integer
for I=1 to 99999
End Sub
End Class

We try to create a test program to evaluate the concurrency performance of one web service. In the program we try to create multiple threads to call the web service simultaneously, at the same time we try to monitor the response time and capacity of the web server.
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