Anyone want to make a game???

I have an idea that's gotten some interest from a publisher, but they want to see the idea executed partially as a demo. Is anyone here proficient at making games because I could really use some help.

I believe the idea has the potential to be extremely big if we can do it right. I can't pay you anything right now, but if the game is bought by the publisher, I WILL spread around the wealth.

Right now, the plan is to make a 2D or 3D 'top-down view' demo as a prototype showcase to present to the publisher set on an island off Thailand. If the publisher agrees to purchase the rights to the game, I will either make a stand for the game to be made for either the next-generation consoles or the Sony PSP.

In addition, this publisher has some close ties to the movie industry so should this title be successful, it might have a good chance of being turned into a movie. I realize that videogame movies usually suck, but I promise not to let that happen.
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