Hi! Guys. Im Janib4all.
And Im In Deep Trouble.
I've Made A Compressor Fully In X86-Asm [Real Mode].
Works Somewhere Better Than .Zip .Lzh .Rar .Arj And SomeTimes It Need
Compressing Same File Again n Again To Get Better Results. But The
Problem Is Not This.
It Is Tooooo Slow.

I Use 450-PIII.
Some Observations:

Input_File: Conctl32.Ocx
File_Size : 609,584 kbs

Compressor-Name: Compression-Ratio: Time:
------------------ ---------------------- --------
a) Jip (My Compressor) 187,455 kbs = 30.75% 46 Sec
b) Zip 236,559 kbs = 38.80% <1 Sec
c) Arj 245,918 kbs = 40.34% <1 Sec
d) Lzh 257,535 kbs = 42.41% <1 Sec


So U See My Compressor [Based On Lzw Compression Algoritm + Some
My Algorithm + Fully Written By Me] Is Better Than Other Compressors
In Size, But It Is Worst Choice In Speed.
And I Dont Know How To Increase Speed. Of My Prog.
One Big Problem Is That I've Used Only BYTE Not WORD. [U Know ]
It Is Fully Based On X86Asm Real Mode.
One Other Thing, If U Compress, This Compressed .Jip File Again-n-Again,
It Reduces And Reduces Size.

After Compressing Comctl32.Jip 2nd Time
Comctl32.Jip = 150,850 kbs

After Compressing Comctl32.Jip 3rd Time
Comctl32.Jip = 129,604 kbs

Final Compressing Comctl32.Jip After Many Times [More-than 50 Times]
Comctl32.Jip = <> 20 kbs - Wow!

Plz, Help Me.
I Can Also Send You Compiled Version Of My Compressor.
[Unpacking Not Done, Due To This Problem]
My Email Is Janib4all@hotmail.com

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