Backup, compacting, and more... I NEED SUPER SUPER HELP!!!

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Hello everybody!

I came here to find out if there is another way of backing up a file instead of having to use FileCopy source, destination.

Although it works, I was wondering if there is a back-up that does not replace the existing file, but appends the changes made to it.

For example, I am working with a program which needs during runtime the data pertaining up to three years before (there are 6 tables in my database in which information and importance have a lot to do with their time). Every year I will erase the data of those which are older than 3 years. I know that before I do this, I have to backup the source file, but I don't really want to lose all that information older than 4 years, but I lose it after all because the information in my current database (source) is going to rewrite the last backup that I made.

Also, I would love to know which source is needed to compact and repair a database.

I really thank you beforehand for all the help that any of you could give to me. Feel free to send any answers or sugestions to


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