How to: manupulating a DBGrid by a DBNavigator which has a datasource

Hi all,
I want to manupulate (delete, update, insert, etc. ) a DBGrid records by a DBNavigator. The architecture of these components are as follows:

Query1 : Performs a query on various tables.
DateSource1: Dataset property -> Query1
DBGrid: DataSource property -> DataSource1
DBNavigator: DataSource property->DataSource1

At the runtime, Query1 object fills the DBGrid with desired records. Any time, i want to manupulate DBGrid records by using the DBNavigator object. But, i couldn't achieve that. That is, DBGrid cells are not editable even its Edit property is true. In addition, some of the buttons of the DBNavigator (insert, delete, post, etc.) except the first, last, next, prior are disabled. I think, there is a problem with the dynamic population of the DBGrid records. But i have no chance about that. Is there a way to perform the desired operations in such situations?


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