beginner and confused

i keep having this reoccurring problem when i am trying to get databases connected to my VB programme.

it is real simple, all i want to do is connect one database to my programme and have the information updated into the database.
now i can the info to update but it always wipes over the last piece of info. that is, that there is only ever one entry in the acess database, cus all the previous entries are wiped.
i really have no idea what the problem is and i have googled it too.

the code that i am using is as follows 'Data1.Recordset.Update'
but this leads me to the message:
"update or cancelupdate without addnew or edit"
'addnew' as i said just writes over the last entry.
any help would be great.


  • for adding new reco record you should write this code


    for save


    for cancel

    foe edit

    it works well .if you stil have a problem check connection to db here is help for you

    datacontrol properties
    connect-access/any database
    database-path of database
    recordsource-filename of database

    if it doesn't work then and you still have same problem then i think nobody has solution


    Ganesh :)

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