Help...How do I retrieve a record from Table from a Form

I need direction on how to retrieve a record(s) from a table.
I want the user to input information into a form with three different
fields of input.

- Userid
- User First Name
- User Last Name

The form will then have a button for the user to submit the search.
I would then like to have another form open with the result of the user searched that includes all the information pertaining to that user.

The search should locate the user from userid or First name or Last name or all three combined, or just any two combined.

Also if the user simply inputs part of the Userid or part of the First name or Part of the last name ,
the user will have the option to select the user needed from a list of users that contain any part of the information submitted.

If this is too much, I understand.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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