Problems installin' Windows in my PC...plz...Help...

Guys I've tried to install Windows XP in my PC, but, everytime I do it, I got an error report. This error comes out just right after the instalation saying like some DLL has a problem and I gotta contact the administrator, cuz the DLL msgls.DLL or something like that couldn't been installed propertly. So, now everytime I try to log in Windows, it works for awhile, but, after few minutes got an error that says some kind of lsass.exe finished with some kind of code report, and after 1 minute my PC shut down by itself. Can anyone tell me how to fix that or it's some kinda hardware problem.


  • Did you assembled your pc? Please check the your hardware connections. Be sure all of the components are in excellent condition. Please try to format your Hdrive again, then reinstall the WinXp. The WinXp CD or the CD drive may also have problem in cases like yours.
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