Exception in pRecordSet

_variant_t((IDispatch *)my_pDocAcad->m_pConnection,true), adOpenStatic,
adLockOptimistic, adCmdText);

This line is throwing an exception. What could be wrong with it?

where my_pDocAcad is a pointer to GetDocument of MyAppDoc class. m_pConnection is the connection pointer defined in the MyAppDoc class.
bstrQuery is the SQL command

The open() fxn has the connection string of a provider Jet 4.0 , and the long option is a adModeUnknown.
hr = m_pConnection->open(L"Provider='......;Data source=c:.....;'
(_bstr_t ) L"(""),
(_bstr_t ) L"(""),
do u think the adModeUnknown could cause it to throw exception.

why is it throwing exception.
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