Disabled registry Access

Hello Everybody

Actaully whenever i use registry editor tools ie regedit it show message that the registry editor is disabled my the administrator even i logged as administrator then also

i m useing win 2000 server

plz tell me what i have 2 do....


  • From what you have said I need clarification. I understand that you CANNOT even load regedit. In that case...

    (1) Do you have policies created? Use policy editor to find out
    (2) Are you on a network that is managed by a Systems Administrator?
    If you are, then beware: they may not appreciate your violating their
    policy. It may seem fun but could be illegal or get you banned from
    the network.
    (3) Are you running Novell or some other network operating system?
    (4) Have you run an AV scan?

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