Strange compiler error

I am developing one project. So I have made some changes in it which were something like this:
long int TSecurity::GenerateActivC(void)
AnsiString winda;
char buffer[255];
unsigned short int hour,min,sec,ms;
TTime mt;
hour=hour/3; //2
min=min/3; //2
sec=sec/3; //2
ms=ms/3; //3

AnsiString TS=IntToStr(SECN)+IntToStr(hour)+IntToStr(min)+IntToStr(sec);//+IntToStr(ms);
long long int res=StrToInt(TS);
return res;

After i have compiled my programm but my Borland tells me about some mistakes and exeptions in Borlands dll`s. After the restarting Borland C++ Builder I have tried to compile this project again but got compiler exeption in file SysConst.hpp. It told me about some errors in it.
The most funny it do the same when i make attempt to compile other modules.

What can it be and what to do with it?
Thank`s for help!

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