Resizing a div


I have created a webpage that contains a div with style attribute overflow:auto; This will make sure the div doesn't grow if the data gets too long, but data can still be read by using the scrollbars

I now want this div to get resized when the window resizes. I tried to do this using JavaScript, but I didn't get it to work. Can anyone tell me how to do this ? Do I have to use JavaScript, or is there another style attribute for this... ?

If the window gets larger the div also needs to grow with the window, and if the window gets smaller the div should also get smaller. I want to do this because I want all menus and buttonsetc. to stay in place even when the window resizes, but I may not use frames. The site should entirely be build useing div and span elements...

Hope someone can help me with this.
the Netherlands...

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