Create an attendance register in Access- HELP!

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I have been driving myself mad with this one; I have three tables, MEMBER, ATTENDANCE and EVENT. In the MEMBER table I have; Member No. , Name and a load of address stuff which isnt necesary here! In the ATTENDANCE table I have; Member Name , Event and Status- the status I would like to just be P for present and A for absent- which I type rather than select. The Event field refers to Event in the other table called EVENT.

I would like to have a list of all the members, next to the same event for each member, and then in the status field I can type P for present and A for absent.

So the general layout of the attendance table shoudl look like this;

Member Name---Event----Status
John Doe----- Fair-------P
Derek Bow-----Fair-------A
and so on...

This is the sort of layout I would like to use for the ATTENDANCE table, I am just having difficulty getting all of the data from MEMBER table so that all of the member names appear in a list, rather than the annoying drop down list which access always gives me!

Please, any ideas, before I have no hair left at all!

The Database is for a marching band, if you are curious!


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