Displaying TForm from a new component

a question, I have some basic component in the form of a bit image, and when I click it I want it to open a new TForm with a button and a label on it, so that the label displays the state of the component.
The question is how to do it? Hwo to create dynamicallt a TForm with some elements on it and manage the form from the component level.
Here is the code of my element.
[code]#ifndef ShapeSampleH
#define ShapeSampleH
// type of the SampleShape shape
enum TSampleShapeType { sstRectangle, sstSquare, sstRoundRect, sstRoundSquare, sstEllipse, sstCircle };

class PACKAGE TShapeSample : public TGraphicControl
TSampleShapeType FShape;
unsigned int iSize;
TPen *FPen; // a data member for the pen object
TBrush *FBrush; // a data member for the brush object
void __fastcall SetShape(TSampleShapeType Value);
void __fastcall SetSize(unsigned int iValue);
void __fastcall SetBrush(TBrush *Value);
void __fastcall SetPen(TPen *Value);
void __fastcall StyleChanged(TObject* Sender);
void __fastcall MouseClick(TObject *Sender, TMouseButton Button, TShiftState Shift, int X, int Y);
virtual void __fastcall Paint();
__fastcall TShapeSample(TComponent* Owner);
__fastcall ~TShapeSample();
__property DragCursor ;
__property DragMode ;
__property OnDragDrop ;
__property OnDragOver ;
__property OnEndDrag ;
__property OnMouseDown ;
__property OnMouseMove ;
__property OnMouseUp;
__property OnClick;
__property Height;
__property Width;
__property TSampleShapeType Shape = {read=FShape, write=SetShape, default=sstEllipse};
__property unsigned int Size = {read = iSize, write=SetSize, default=100};
__property TBrush* Brush = {read=FBrush, write=SetBrush, nodefault};
__property TPen* Pen = {read=FPen, write=SetPen, nodefault};
and implementation file
#pragma hdrstop

#include "ShapeSample.h"
#pragma package(smart_init)
// ValidCtrCheck is used to assure that the components created do not have
// any pure virtual functions.

static inline void ValidCtrCheck(TShapeSample *)
new TShapeSample(NULL);
__fastcall TShapeSample::TShapeSample(TComponent* Owner)
: TGraphicControl(Owner)
this->Width = 65;
this->Height = 65;
this->Size = 100;
FBrush = new TBrush();
FBrush->OnChange = StyleChanged;
FPen = new TPen();
FPen->OnChange = StyleChanged;
this->OnMouseDown = MouseClick;

__fastcall TShapeSample::~TShapeSample()
delete FPen; // delete the pen object
delete FBrush;
namespace Shapesample
void __fastcall PACKAGE Register()
TComponentClass classes[1] = {__classid(TShapeSample)};
RegisterComponents("Samples", classes, 0);

void __fastcall TShapeSample::SetShape(TSampleShapeType Value)
if (FShape != Value) // ignore if this isn't a change
FShape = Value; // store the new value
Invalidate(); // force a repaint with the new shape

void __fastcall TShapeSample::SetSize(unsigned int iValue)
this->iSize = iValue;

void __fastcall TShapeSample::SetBrush( TBrush* Value)

void __fastcall TShapeSample::SetPen( TPen* Value)

void __fastcall TShapeSample::StyleChanged( TObject* /*Sender*/)
Invalidate(); // repaints the component

void __fastcall TShapeSample::Paint(void)
int X,Y,W,H,S;
Canvas->Pen = FPen; // copy the component's pen
Canvas->Brush = FBrush; // copy the component's brush
W=Width; // use the component width
H=Height; // use the component height
X=Y=0; // save smallest for circles/squares
if( WRectangle(X,Y,X+W,Y+H);
case sstRoundSquare: // draw rounded rectangles and squares
case sstRoundRect:
case sstCircle: // draw circles and ellipses
case sstEllipse:


void __fastcall TShapeSample::MouseClick(TObject * /*Sender*/, TMouseButton Button, TShiftState Shift, int X, int Y)

if (Button == mbLeft)
} [/code]
Thanks for any help / suggestions.
I do apologize for any stupid coding errors. This is my first component.
Best wishes
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