C / C++ / C# / PHP programmer looking for telecommute job

I am looking for telecommute job; by some reasons I cannot relocate at the moment (only 1.5 years after).

If you'll be interested, please write at sigizmund[at]gmail.com (replace [at] with a '@' sign)

Professional Skills

Operating systems

DOS: MS-DOS since 4.0, PC-DOS; Windows: since Windows 3.0 – 95, NT 3.5, NT 4, 2000, XP; Linux/BSD for web development and network programming; QNX RTP Neutrino, Momentix

Programming languages and techniques

Desktop Development
1. C/C++ - MFC, STL, ATL
2. C# - WinForms, WFC, ADO.NET, integration with C++ code (via COM)
3. Assembly language (x86, x51).

Client-Server Development
1. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – via ADO/OLEDB, ADO.NET, direct API
2. MySQL (including hardcore optimization for a large databases) – direct API, ODBC access

Web Development
1. PHP (including PHP module extensions for high-performance web systems)
2. ASP

Team Development
1. Microsoft SourceSafe
2. CVS

Network Programming
1. Sockets programming for Windows/Linux/BSD
2. HTTP 1.1

Another Professional Skills

Significant experience in UML, Rational Rose and OO-design technologies.
Skills in Database Design (ER-Win, etc). Also experienced in Microsoft Visio as UML designing tool and Database Designing tool.

With a best regards,
Roman A. Kirillov
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