recording a RIFF file with INFO LIST text

Hi -

In VB, I need to record sound from a sound card. Data from my VB program needs to be written into the WAV (RIFF) file as an INFO LIST (tag) chunk.

I can easily record from a sound card with the multimedia control in VB, but if I use it I don't see how to use the low level Win32API to insert the RIFF Info List text.

This leads me to think I need to do the whole thing (get sound data from sound card, insert text, write file) in Win32API but I'm clueless as to how to do the whole operation. Yes I have read the mmio documents in the Win32API docs, but it doesn't have example code to tie it all together or define buffer sizes or ???

So who's been down this path before and can point me in the right direction?



  • hi Chuck,

    I thinbk there are 2 options .
    1) record in VB and edit the wave file OFF-LINE.(uuuuhhhh..ggrr)
    2) Go to VC++ u can reach Low Level API there.
    u can completely change the header n put ur custom header.

    is it usefull,

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