Greying out dialog in popup dialog boxes

Say I have a pop up dialog box, and in the dialog box there are some dialogs that either are displayed or greyed out based on another dialog in that same box. When I click an "update" button in that same dialog box, the control variable gets evaluted and the original dialogs are either displayed or greyed out. I used something like this to accomplish this:


if (m_int_radio_io==0)
GetDlgItem(IDC_COM_STORE_A_CYCLE) ->EnableWindow(TRUE);
GetDlgItem(IDC_COM_STORE_A_CYCLE) ->EnableWindow(FALSE);

My problem is that when I get this modal dialog box to popup from the parent dialog box. the IDC_COM_STORE_A_CYCLE dialog is always greyout independent of the state of m_int_radio_io. As soon as I hit the update button, IDC_COM_STORE_A_CYCLE either goes active or stays inactive based on the state of m_int_radio_io. What I think I need is an "oninit" type function for the pop up dialog box so that I can evalute m_int_radio_io and choose if i want to display IDC_COM_STORE_A_CYCLE or not.

What is the best way to do this ? I added an ON_MODAL function to the child, and I was able to get a message box to pop up before the child dialog popped up, but when I put real code in the routine I got an assertion failure.


  • The window initialization messages usually come in BEFORE a window is displayed and before child windows are even created. So, yeah, when you try to manipulate the window state you'll get an assertion error.

    You could try sending yourself a message from an init handler. Define your own message then use PostMessage to post it back to that window and put in a handler. Using PostMessage will put it at the end of the queue and return immediately. Hopefully by the time you process it all the child windows will be created. Just a quick stab at an answer. you'll have to test it all out
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