Need help messing with the Reg...

Ok, I'm sort of new to messing with the registry, but I have an idea of a little program I want to do for a friend of mine, and I don't know exactly how to go about it. I have a few programs that will be on a CD that I'm sending this person, and each program has some files that it loads in particular. Now, this person's computer doesn't have these programs, and the only way for this to work correctly is if when you put the CD in, the comp knows which program to use for that file. So here's where the registry comes in. I want to have a .reg file deligate responsibility to the program on the CD for opening this particular type of file. I'm going through all of this because the person doesn't have a clue how to do any of this, and it would eventually be a waste of my time. So can anyone explain how to do this and how it works? Also, does it work like this for all comps running XP? I don't want to screw up that person's comp being stupid, you know? I may have more questions later, but right now none are coming to mind, so can anyone help me with this for now? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, because I'm really interested in doing this and learning how to. Thanx.
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