MSDE Install fails w/ generic error, please help!

I am trying to install MSDE 2K for use with Visual Studio .NET 2003 development. However, I keep getting 'Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine Setup failed.'

Here is the process so far:
I saved sql2kdesksp3.exe version 8.00.0760.03 to my hard drive, then extracted the files to the default directory, C:sql2ksp3MSDE. Then, from an MS-DOS prompt, I navigated to C:sql2ksp3MSDE.

First, I typed
where is the sa password set up on my machine. When that failed, I tried making a 'strong' password according to Microsoft's rules and that also failed. Then I tried the bare minimum:
Setup.exe /qb+ SAPWD=

Each time, the Installer starts and gets to 'Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine'. When that reaches 4 seconds remaining or so, it rolls back and brings up the error message.

I checked the 'dasetup.log' file that is created and it ends with:
State after Install:
Setup was Successful: 1
Setup Requires Reboot: 0
Setup Will Reboot the Machine: 0

Exiting: Setup is shutting down..

The dahotfix.log which is created immediately after dasetup.log ends with the following lines:
[21:31:19]: Checking state of setup at end of installation.
Setup was NOT successful.
[21:31:19]: Shutting down Hotfix Installer.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong in this installation?


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