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I think I'm having a duh! moment but I'll ask anyway.

I've got my own webserver (Apache on Windows 2000 Pro) and a site already set up. I've also got another site on a host whose account is going to expire in a couple of months.

I'm going to host that site on my server when that account is finished with as well. This site has an email form which is currently run through Bravenet.

What I'd like to do is, when I host this second site is to look after the email myself, but I've managed to confuse myself.

I want people to be able to send the email form to a Yahoo account of mine or better still, my own domain. Do I need to install a smtp server? I've been looking at SoftStack's -

Is there an easier way?



  • I'm probably being a numpty (empty headed) over this. Here's what I want to do.

    Someone fills out a form on the site, they hit the send button and it gets sent to my email account. At the moment, the form is normal HTML and in it I've got a line that says

    My domain address is So being able to send it to without going through Bravenet would be great. Even getting it to my Yahoo address would be OK at the moment.

    I don't even know how I would access any mail sent to

    The only person who will be accessing the email would be me but I'd like to be able to send and receive email through

    As the server will shortly be hosting more than one of my sites, how would I arrange for it to both send and receive mail from and say,

    Do I need an SMPT server, if so any thoughts on this. If not, I take it I need some sort of program in the CGI-bin?

    Type slowly, and use monosyllabic words if possible - I really am that lost over this.

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