Tab Controls in a Dialog

Hello All

Im using tab controls in my dialogs. The process of doing things goes like so:

1. Create a TAB resource on dialog in VC Resource Editor.
2. On WM_INITDIALOG I use a TCITEM Structure and TabCtrl_ functions to add my TABs and set the current selection of the TAB corresponding to the Dialog.
3. I monitor WM_NOTIFY for a change in the current selection and on a change I pass the dialogs HWND to another function and it EndDialog()'s the source dialog and creates a new one dependent on the TAB that was selected and its WM_INITDIALOG does the same thing as #2 above.

Now all this works very well, but whats weird is when I look at memory usage in the beginning its about 2.7mb. Through a menu I invoke
a dialog box with the TABS. Everytime I switch between the TABS in the dialog box memory usage escalates till it goes to about 3.9mb. Is this a windows GUI thing or am I not doing something properly? Do I need to free the TABS somehow?

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