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OK...Well we all have probably heard this 1 B4...HoweverI am going at it again so here it is. I seek a media converter. Generally converting audio from CDA 2 a MP3 or wma format so I can use it on my Phillips Mini HD player. Generally I use Win Media Player 9 2 store the media from CDs. I have the files in as wav files. NE recomendations? Solutions. I know Mp3 sux 4 quality. Wma is the best of the 2 I can use on the unit...yes? I have heard of CoolEdit and others. I would like 2 use something that can convert in both directions I suppose. I know it is redundant and pointless considering quality. I also seek a converter 4 image/video 4 the same purpose. I realize the Phillips player does not support or playback video, however my laptop does. >>>Pls include "Media Converter" in the subject line.
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