How to get HDD h/w serial number using EVC++ 4.0 on CE.NET 4.10 platfo


Need help on this. I need to get the h/w serial number (not file system volume serial number) of an IDE hdd attached to the motherboard of an CE.NET 4.10 embedded device thru the IDE connector. I need to do it using EVC++ 4.0.

I found a PC version of the diskid32.cpp and it worked fine on the PC but failed when ported to the CE.NET platform. I also tried opening a handle to the disk using CreateFile("DSK0:", ....) and then calling DeviceIoControl with IOCTL_DISK_GET_STORAGEID control code to try to get the "serial number" but failed too. The error code is 50 (think it means ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

Does anyone knows how to do it? Thanks a lot.

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