need help in my vb database programm!!

I creat patient database which have patient ID field (text field) to enter patient No. a combination of charater and number(not an autonumber). I need a code to protect entering of a same ID when entering a new patient so that an existing patient ID should not be overwritten or there would be no same ID number.

Private sub ID_validate()

If (Eval("DLookUp(""[P_ID]"",""[rsPatient]"",""[P_ID]=frmPatient.[txtP_ID]"") Is Not Null")) Then
MsgBox "Patient ID already existed!!",
End sub

I tried this code but it doesnot work, in fact it seems the Eval and DLookUp function doesnot work at all in my program.

I would be very grateful if anyone help me in this problem.

Thank you.


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