Hi, Just wonder that who can help me to finish a model has the reqirement below by using iUMLite? Many thanks....{S.The model can not be a petrol station one.

1. Provide a Domain Chart for a application.Be sure to include the dependencies between domains.
2. Provide a Use Case diagram with three Use Cases.
3. Expand one of the Use Cases into a textual description, and present a domain-level sequence chart for this.
4. Choose one of the domains in your domain chart and expand this into a class diagram. You need not prepare a complete diagram for the domain, but it should include at least five classes, together with the attributes for the classes, and associations between the classes.
5 Draw a Class collaboration diagram for your chosen domain
6 Identify and describe:
a. One domain operation;
b. Two class operations;
c. Four object operations.
Use plain text to describe the operations, but make sure you identify clearly any attributes that are modified by the operations.
7 provide a short note explaining the difference between state-dependent behaviour and state-independent behaviour.
8 Identify all the active classes and all the passive classes in your chosen domain.
9 Produce a state-chart for one of the active classes.
10 The state-chart is a partial specification of state-behaviour.
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