Raid 5 installation and testing

I've just set up a Windows 2000 server with Raid 5 using 3 SCSI drives. It appears to be working, but I want to test it properly.

I loaded a couple of gigs of data onto the drive, turned the server off, then pulled one of the drives out. On restarting, the OS did NOT report the drive was missing. Surely there must be some sort of warning that the disk set is not complete?

After that I replaced the missing drive and reactivated the array. The disk set was regenerated and the files restored, but it seemed to take a long time. Is this normal?

I'd sooner test this server configuration while I've got the chance before it goes live. What I don't want to happen is the server to go live, fail and lose data because I either haven't set it up or tested it properly.

Any help would be useful especially on simulating a disk failure and the fact that there was no warning of a missing array disk bothers me.

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