need help loading textures with directX

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hllo everybody!!!
i made a fullscreen program that uses only particles to create a lightning effect (it makes explosions at the bottom too when and where the lightning strikes the bottom of the screen). i built it like a screen saver, so its fullscreen and closes when you move the mouse more than 5 pixels in one frame.
problem is, if i make it a .scr and put it and the texture file into my system32 folder, when i select it as my screensaver, it wont grab the texture and it only renders the colored polygons (it loads the texture and works fine otherwise).
i use visual c++ 6.0 and directX 8 on windows xp pro.
can anyone tell me how i can get it to load the texture??? like, maybe make the texture a resource file and load it internally instead of grabbing a seperate file or sumthing, and if so, maybe some sample source??? thanx a lot.

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