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I have a database called inven whose table name is equip_list. Within that database is a field called Equipment. I've dropped a DBImage onto my application and would like to load a picture of that equipment. I know I need to set the BlobField so that the picture becomes part of the database and the appropriate picture is displayed for the equipment selected in the database. Can someone tell me how to define a BLOB graphic and assign it a picture so that if forever becomes a part of the database? BTW, I've already defined a Graphic Field in the Database Desktop to accomidate the graphics. I just need to know how to load the pic from file into the DBImage and then make it a part of the database. Thanks for any help.

P.S. From another newsgroup, a suggestion was given to use the following code:


But I'm not sure what is meant by Dataset.FieldByName. Is this the database name, the DBImage name, or what?? Please help.


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