Question About CRS (Computer Reservation System)

I was wondering if anyone knew how I could create my own CRS (Computer Reservation System that is based off the real Apollo CRS system that United Airlines uses. I have a program now but it's a demo of the Apollo CRS system.

I learned the Apollo Computer Reservation System from an airline training school I went to and I would like to have a program that is very similar to the Apollo CRS system I learned on. The demo program I have is the closest program to the real Apollo CRS system. I like the demo what I have but to buy the full version it has limited sign in's and doesnt have everything that I learned on so that's why I want to create my own.

Those of you who dont know how the Apollo CRS system works, It's a command-line based program with commands like: A20JUNORDJFK6A (for flight availibilty) 01Y1 (sell 1 seat in coach from line 1) and many many more commands. So can any one help me?? Which Programming Language would be the best, cause I dont really know how to program an application and I dont have any programming software
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