help needed with mySQL connection over LAN.

Hello all,
I have installed mySQL server on a computer (ServerName: FARAZ, ip: and teh server listens at port:3306.

I type "mysql -u root -p" on command line to connect to the server on local host.

Now I want to connect to the same server over the network from a computer (ComputerName: BILAL, ip: I Copied mysql.exe to the client PC (BILAL) and I typed the line "mysql FARAZ -u root -p" on BILAL (Client PC) but It says that it fails to find any mySQL sever on FARAZ.

Please provide me with solution and advice.

Please tell me;
1] If I only have to copy mysql.exe on the client to access mySQL server over a network.
2] Am I right to type "mysql FARAZ -u root -p" on the client to connect to the mySQL server?

I will be thankful to you.

Faraz H.

P.S. There is no firewall on network.


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