We represent games companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia with the following open Programming positions:

- AI Programmer Canada
- Audio Programmer California
- Data Management Programmer North Carolina
- Engine Document Manager North Carolina
- FX Programmer California and Denmark
- Gameplay Programmer California and North Carolina
- Graphics Programmer Canada
- Lead Graphics Programmer The Netherlands
- Lead Next Gen Console Programmer Germany
- Lead Programmer - California
- Lead Server Programmer Texas
- Next Gen Console Programmer California
- Network Programmer North Carolina and Canada
- Programmer California
- PS2 Engine Programmer The Netherlands
- PS2 Online Programmer California
- Script Programmer California
- Senior 2D Programmer California
- Senior 3D Programmer California
- Senior AI Programmer California, Germany and China
- Senior Programmer California and Germany
- Tools Programmer California, North Carolina and Germany
- Xbox/GameCube Programmer California

If you are interested in exploring any of these exciting opportunities, please send us your resume.

[b][italic]Who is Exclaim Recruiting Agency?[/italic][/b] [italic]My partner, Jean Orrison and I are both former employees of Acclaim Entertainment and started developing Exclaim Recruiting Agency in early 2004. Our goal was to improve upon the typical services offered by contingency agencies. We structured our business so that we can be an experienced yet affordable resource for games, film and animation companies. Because of our collective 20+ years of industry experience, we have developed many relationships and a large database of potential candidates. We are currently in the process of developing our website and expect it to be up and running very soon. We feel our candidates needs are just as important to us as those of the employers. This is why it is our policy to always ask permission prior to sending out a candidates information before submitting to any of our clients.[/italic]

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Elaina Frizzell and Jean Orrison
Exclaim Recruiting Agency
Main: 512-799-9669
Toll Free: 888-271-9418
Fax: 570-227-5504

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