need help with time-entry app

First off - I'm a C# noob. I have about 20 months of experience programming web-apps in Java. I have not done any programming to speak of in the past 28 months. I'm real green on C# and somewhat rusty on my programming skills as a whole.

Now, I have been given the task of developing the time-entry section of an app as a "get-my-feet-wet" project. The IDE of choice here is Visual Studio .NET, an IDE I'm slowly gaining some confidence with. I'm at a complete loss on the code, though, and would appreciate some help with methods, classes, libraries, anything to guide me in the right direction without actually writing the code for me. The point is that I'm trying to kick off the rust and learn, not get someone to do the work for me.

I am going through the tutorial on-line (which is very helpful to a "former" java-boy like me) and will continue to do so until I find my answers or someone throws me a bone.

Much grass in advance.
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