Everything Programatically - Is this crazy?

Hello Reader

If I choose to develop everything ( specifically Graphic User Interface ) - in .net (2003) Windows Forms- programatically only and not using ToolBox or Properties Window, is there any disadvantages or specific advantages?

Seeking guidance for decision- if I create all of Graphic user Interface Programatically and wanted each and every controls (Windows Forms, too ) to be created at run time only and wanted to command each functionalities of them at runtime only, is it a good practice?

Please show, how to create events on controls created on a form created at run time?

{{{ Public Sub CreateMyForm(ByVal FormName As String)
Dim Lbl_UserName As New System.Windows.Forms.Label
(This is the code how I have created the form and control(s) on it) }}}

Thanking You

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