Changing the element of prior array records.

I have the following code that pass the contents of a test file into array of records.
Here is the format of each record:
Name assignment Effective Date End date:
James monitor 12-mar-2000 13-oct-2000
James water 13-apr-2001 14-june-2001
James florring 15-aug-2001 10-dec-2001

My aim is to acomplish two things:
a)Modify the end date of each record(record2 for example)so that its end date = effective date of next record(record3) -1. That is, End Date of record2 would change to 14-aug-2001. End Date of record1: 12-apr-2001. End Date of record3 would still be 10-dec-2001.

b)Possibly, if required to do it in opposite direction. That is end date of record1 would remain the same, end date of record2: 11-mar-2000(effective date of record1 - 1) and end date of record3:12-apr-2001.

Please Help in module "Modify efective date here".

use strict ;
#use warnings ;
use Date::Manip ;

my (@input) ;
my ($input_record) ;
my ($input_file) ;
my ($output_file);
my ($array_record);
my (@array_record);
my (@array) ;
my ($name);
my ($date);
my (@array_file);
my (@names);
my ($new_record);
my ($backdt_hst) ;
my ($backdt_crt) ;
my ($empid_hld) ;

$input_file = "test.txt" ;
$output_file = "hist_out.txt";

#check input file
(-e $input_file) || die ("input file does not exist
") ;
open(INPUT, "$input_file") || die ("could not open infile
open(OUTPUT, ">$output_file") || die ("could not open outfile
") ;

#send records to array file from input file
@array_file = ;

#split each record into array elements
foreach $array_record (@array_file){
@array = split (",", $array_record) ;

#Modify End Date here
I am stumped please help!

#stop modifying here and start joining back each of the elements to form array records
$new_record = join ',', @array;

#put back all records into ouput file
print OUTPUT "$new_record

close (INPUT) ;
close (OUTPUT) ;


  • : #split each record into array elements
    : foreach $array_record (@array_file){
    : @array = split (",", $array_record) ;
    With iteration so easily available, I guess it's easy to forget that arrays are indexable. :-) How about something like:-

    for my $i (0..$#array_file) {
    $array_record = $array_file[$i];

    You can then access the previous and last records (with appropraite bound checking) with:-

    $array_record = $array_file[$i - 1]; # last
    $array_record = $array_file[$i + 1]; # next


    (tr/yuiqwert/her anot/))for($::b);for($::c){$_.=$^X;
    /(p.{2}l)/;$_=$1}$::b=~/(..)$/;print("$::a$::b $::c hack$1.");

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