Can't access cd-rom from dos after fdisk

I have done this many times before, but it has been a while since I have done this, and I am looking for someone who can help.

I did a fdisk to have a clean machine to work with. I have done the partioning, and formatting. I have installed a new autoexec.bat, and config.sys, also included, and mscdex.exe. I then installed the cd-rom driver. After I rebooted, the system shows that a cd-rom has beed found. But after the reboot, when I try to change drives from a: to d: it reads invalid drive specification. I have also tried to boot from cdrom (modified in BIOS), it reads "boot from atapi cdrom....Failed". So I know the cd-rom works, because I can hear it spin and try to read.

I am running a Acer 32X (model#: 636A-002).
My autoexec.bat reads - mscdex /D:MSCD001 /v
My config.sys reads - device=c:cdprovide-cdd.sys /d:mscd001

Please help, any other info required will try to get.

Thanks for your time on this matter


  • Try booting from a Windows 98 or DOS floppy and make sure that your CD ROM drive is assigned the letter D:. Usually the last line of output from the Windows 98 disk shows the letter of your CD-ROM.

    If you don't have a Win98 disk, try going to
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