Building a Shopping Cart in

I need the shopping cart functionality without the web stuff. Im building a sales program where I am typing in product id of the product that a customer is buying and the quanity of that certain product and would like to be able to add that to a shopping cart since the customer might be buying more that one product. Im using an access database to store the name of the product and the description and unit price. Right now i have a text box where I would enter the products Id and a text box to enter the quantity of the product. I then have an add to cart button. when this button is pushed after entering the product Id and the quantity of that product I would like for the program to go to the access database pull the name of the product and the price of the product which are both in the database already and then display both of them as well as the quanity ordered in some sort of list box. I dont know if that made any sense. I hope it did and if you have any questions or have any help you can email me at or just reply back here. Thanx for the help I really appreciate it!!


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