Accessing bluetooth RSSI

currently im working in application that need to access bluetooth RSSI (radio signal strength indicator). i would like to ask a few question :

1. i got java and c++ bluetooth protocol stack SDK from Atinav but both SDK have it's own driver.
- if i use c++ SDK i can extract RSSI value easily with GAP_getRSSI command but i can't use java SDK API because each usb dongle just working on one version of driver (of course i can't install java SDK driver if i choose c++ driver).
- i need java SDK (jsr 82) from atinav because i don't want to use any c++ command except GAP_getRSSI command. i want to use java API (that supplied in java SDK driver) for sending and receiving data from bluetooth.
- do anybody can tell me the way how i install 2 version of driver on the same usb dongle to make c++ API and java API working ?
- i need info whether java API provide command to extract RSSI value beside c++ command so i can give up on c++ and concentrate on java?

Thx for your reply

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