Wanna get yourself called 'famous'?

Hi to all beginners and gurus in programming.

I just created a page for common programming solutions dedicated to all, that are interested in. Especially for those that are less experienced.

It's on you to fill out this page with your solutions for frequently asked questions related to programming. All your personal datas you like will be added to your entry (watch my example). I'll (sure you can do this also) redirect all requests to these pages if the requested solution is available. The more you provide the more people will know you.

This also should prevent you from always answering the same questions in the future.

No individual problems should be traded here, they're part of "programmersheaven.com"

Just take a look. It won't be wasted time...


exact Location:

http://www.runtimeterror.de (easier to remember, you'll be redirected) or

http://runtimeterror.exit.de (fast server)

having reached my homepage, visit the link on top-left "Standard programming solutions"



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