Creating relation between datagrid columnstyle & datagrid default col

I have a hierarchical datagrid, which of course contains parent and child rows.

There are four tables. One parent with three child (ren). For one child table I have created a tablestyle and its corresponding columnstyles.

The upper right of the hierarchical datagrid contain a little icon you can click which will expand or collapse the showing of the parent info.

When I click this icon, I get the following error:

"The 'PatientID' DataGridColumnStyle cannot be used because it is not associated with a Property or Column in the DataSource."

Following is my relation definition.

Dim parentCol As DataColumn
Dim childCol As DataColumn
' second of three relationships
parentCol = myDataSet.Tables("PatientInfo").Columns("PatientId")
childCol = myDataSet.tables("PatientAccts").Columns("PatientID")
' Create DataRelation.
Dim relInfoAccts As DataRelation
relInfoAccts = New DataRelation("InfoAccts", parentCol, childCol)
' Add the relation to the DataSet.

I believe the following syntax needs to be revised to show that a tablestyle and columnstyle are participating in the relation, but don't know how to do that.

childCol = myDataSet.tables("PatientAccts").Columns("PatientID")

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Many thanks


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