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I thank you for answered my last question! The last answer solved a million and 1 things for me, thanks again. Again I'm using 2003. Now my problem is (I think) a bit more complex. I'm binding from a different table; this table has boolean values. It's still an access database. With these boolean values when I create the dataset I get error messages in the windows generated code saying 'convert is not member of boolean'. The code looks like this.

Public Sub SetKeyboardNull()
Me(Me.tableEquipment_Service_Log.Keyboardcolumn) = _ System.Convert.DBNull
End Sub

I've changed it simply to convert.dbnull and the error message goes away, however now when I'm binding these checkboxes...

pbndtemp = New Binding("checked", pdtscanner, "Keyboard")

I get the error message
'Additional information: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.'
And it points to the second line above. So I guess I'm wondering two things, what is the correct binding property for the checkbox control and/or what's causing this error and why are there errors(in the automatic generated .net code) when I generate the dataset??

Thanks in advance,

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