Problems with QuickReport in Builder 5.0


To all of you who have worked with the QuickRep, I have a question for you:

I did some reports using the TQuickRep component: I created a new form and placed a TQuickRep component in it, and worked all the report from there, (using the QuickRep set of components). The reports worked fine, the info I'm printing is correct an is 'formated' correctly, (I don't need fancy reports).
However, I'm "eventually" getting an error message: "...EAccessViolation at address XXX in module qrpt50.bpl..". This happens only sometimes and of course, I need to fix it. (It happens, lets say, one of each 5 or 6 times, but it's actually very 'random')
I'm 'previewing' the reports using code like this:
TForm1* pForm1= new TForm1(this);
delete pForm1;
Someone said I should use 'PreviewModal' instead of 'Preview' in this code, but it didn't work.
Also, someone said to me I had to write a line of code like this:
in the BeforePrint event of my TQuickRep component and so I did, but this didn't help either.

So if any of you have any idea, please, please, please let me know.


Diego G.
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