Automatic grid refresh

Hi guys,

Ok, Let me draw the picture before I ask the question...

I have 2 forms.

Form1 has a grid which is bound to a dataset and shows a couple of rows during run-time.
(It has the OleDbConnection, OleDbDataAdapter and DataSet icons at the bottom of the designer)

Form2 has all the controls to view all the informtion of a single row of the dataset.
(It ALSO has IT'S OWN OleDbConnection, OleDbDataAdapter and DataSet icons at the bottom of the designer)

What I need to do:

When I double-click on one of the rows in the grid of Form1, the row_id is passed on to Form2 and Form2 pops up with all the field info of that row inserted into dropdown and textboxes... So far so good. Now I can change the field info and hit a Save button on Form2 to update the dataset and CLOSE Form2... which also works fine... BUT NOW This is where the problem steps in... (1) How do I AUTOMATICALLY update my grid on Form1 to refelect the changes I have made and (2) where do I put this command? Or (3) What the hell am I missing ? ;)

A dumb working example would be MS Oulook... All your Contacts appear in a grid... Double click on a contact and a new form pops up... change it, save it, and the grid is updated instantaneously...

Another question:
Should I be working with 2 seperate Connections, Dataadapters and datasets... 1 set on each form? Is this part of the problem?

These are probably stupid questions... but any help will be much appreciated.


  • If you are calling the second form as a dialog (form2.showdialog) then you could just clear the dataset and refill it.


    that would refresh all bound controls.
    You'll want to keep your rownumber to go to that record though.

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