dial up connection not working

I have red hat linux 7.3 and i'm not very good at it.
I can't get my internet connection working. I have a modem and dial up connection. I got it set up, and then it told me i needed to "activate" it. So I activated it, and it said activating, and nothing happend. It seemed like it was frozen. I left it like that for a couple hours and it was still activating. Then I quit. I tried it multiple times, but I can't get an internet connection going.

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  • Chances are you have what is called a WinModem - ie one that is controlled by software drivers. This is generally not good because the software drivers are usually not open source and it can be difficult to find them for linux. Check out linmodems.org for more info. This is quite a common problem.

    Try using an external modem, this works 97% of the time on linux. Also see if a log is available, and if so have a look at it and find out what seems to be causing the problem.

    Hope this helps.


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